Asked about what they thought of PR, the first thing Spanish young architecture studios answered was that they did not really care about it, that it was something secondary. They do not spend much time to this issue, but simply try to produce good architecture, hoping that reputation will come later. Only few ever take the trouble of preparing a press package once they completed a project. The truth, however, is that going public is the only chance for architects dreaming of fame and great buildings to make their dream come real. Today in Spain there are many ways to do so, as Spanish architecture media are more and more focusing on the young scene.

The easier way, like in most European countries, is the Internet: architecture blogs, such as or promote architecture itself, but also cover architecture in contexts of art, design and technology. Web pages often are simple and easy-to-use springboards to public attention. Some magazine editors use them as an unofficial source of information to learn about yet unknown architects. Mostly, though, publishers continue get in touch with official professional organisations as the Colegio de Arquitectos* to keep informed the latest architectural innovations. Magazines such PASAJES and AV (Arquitectura Viva) often dedicate long monographic articles to young and emerging architects, leaving aside the star system of architecture. Others, as El Croquis, continue to give more room to well-established and better known architecture offices.

Depending on the region, local Association of Architects and universities may play a role in promoting young architects by offering them to hold lectures or giving them an opportunity to exhibit their works, by helping them to being invited to restricted competitions or recommending them for private commissions.

Another possibility is exhibitions. Last year, the Association of Architects of Madrid, COAM, promoted two exhibitions of this kind, Freshmadrid and Freshforward, which both served as takeoff platform for some of the participating studios also at national level. PR is a very influential factor in Spanish society and therefore should not be underestimated. Pablo Picasso once said that great works are not made in a closed room, but in a room with the windows opened wide for whole world to admire them.

April 2007
Article published on Wonderland magazine #3 . Link here