Our very last project will be on show until 31st of March 2013, don't miss the opportunity to visit it:


#La Temperie is a video installation by DOT Agency for Architectural Affairs for 'La Conservera' Contemporary Art Centre in Ceutí, Murcia. This exhibition is included into the 9th cycle of La Conservera about Architecture and Art, together with also adhoc installations of Xavier Veilhan, Andrea Blum, Martín Lejarraga and Moho Arquitectos. The project is shown in two separated spaces of Ceuti's venue of La Conservera. The visitor access to #LaTemperie through an uterus space to these two rooms where a two video installations are waiting for him in nude space. DOT was asked to present a project to show the architecture of the city of Murcia, they were travelling and filming about a week around this region and with all these material, María José Marcos and Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, co-directors of DOT Agency for Architectural Affairs, worked separately to show two critical and independent visions about built and non-built Murcia's landscapes, in order to create uncertainty and make the visitor reflect on their daily life stages.

Inauguration evening of #LaTemperie: Saturday 29th September from 12pm
Guided tour of the exhibition by DOT Agency for Architectural Affairs upon request at info@dotaaaa.eu

'La Conservera' Contemporary Art Centre
Avenida de Lorquí, s/n 34562 Ceutí, Murcia

Comissioned by Pablo del Val and 'La Conservera' Contemporary Art Centre.
Technical production by Javier Esquiva López.
Special support by Javier Peña Galiano.

More info at www.dotaaaa.eu / www.laconservera.org